Pictures of Tartaruga Camping

The beach of the campsite

The pebble beach at the lower end of Tartaruga Camping is cleared of the traces of the winter storms every year.From the end of May two floating platforms (one with a ladder) are available.
A jetty for boats is available all year.


Under the gnarled olive trees, the spacious eucalypt trees or cypress trees a shady spot is easily found even in high summer.
Electricity for caravans or camping mobiles are available for almost each allotment.
The numerous smaller and larger terraces guarantee sufficient distance from your neighbour even in the high season.

Sunrise and Caretta turtles

For early birds certainly a singular experience: sunrise over Marathonissi.
Particularly in the months of May, June and July you stand good chances to be able to watch one of the famous Caretta turtles quite near the beach.

Aerial photos

The aerial photos show Tartaruga Camping’s splendid location.
The mini-market and the tavern with its beautiful terrace lie ca. 60 metres above sea level..
From here you enjoy an excellent view of the turtle island of Marathonissi and the olive grove which extends all the way down to the pebble beach..
The beach can be reached on an unpaved road (also suitable for camping mobiles)..
The allotments for campers are on the numerous smaller and larger terraces of the olive grove..

Beautiful views from the terasse of the taverna

From the terasse of the taverna there is a beautiful view of the sea and the island Marathonissi.