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Zakynthos – the southernmost Ionian island Fiore di Levante (“the Flower of the East”).The Island of Natural Beauty
"A Dream in Green"

Lots of honorary titles have been awarded to this relatively small, southernmost island of the Ionian Sea. All of them feature its singular nature. Its most agreeable climate – Mediterranean warmth combined with “warm rain” – causes the island to bloom in all colours. This, together with another asset of the isle, the character and hospitality of the Zakynthians, makes you feel like in paradise. It is a small paradise within this paradise that Anna and Veit have created with their beautifully situated Tartaruga Camping Site. Relishing the moonrise over Marathonissi Island from the terrace of the tavern while letting Anna’s delicious food tickle your taste buds, is just … incredibly relaxing.

By plane

Airport near the capital - take a taxi or call Veit, if he can arrange it, he will give you lift.

By ferry

E.g. from Trieste, Venice or Ancona to Patras (for further information see: Anek Lines, Minoan Lines, Blue Star Lines. From Patras drive in the direction of Pyrgos, ca. 70 km to Killini (branch off at KM 59 from the road Patras – Pyrgos). From Killini by ferry to Zakynthos in ca. 1 h 15.

From Zakynthos Capital to Tartaruga Camping

From the capital to Tartaruga Camping ca. 13 km direction Lithakia or Keri (several signs indicating your way). From the harbour pier take the first road left (do not drive into the centre of town). At the first traffic light turn right; then left at the next light. Then follow the main road in the direction of KERI. Watch out at Dennis Taverna: a somewhat confusing crossing – keep straight on here.